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Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert safari in Dubai is one of the must things to do in Dubai. Explore the exclusive and best Dubai desert safari tours with us!

To spend an ideal vacation in Dubai, a desert safari in Dubai is the thing you must try. Known as the huge playground of adventure enthusiasts, the Dubai desert is the place where one can enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, camel desert safari, hot air ballooning, and many more.

To explore the desert in the best way nothing is better than a desert safari. Exploring the endless desert is one of its kinds. If you are a thrill seeker or peace lover then this place is for you! No matter which experience you book whether it is a camel ride or Dubai desert safari, each experience is designed to give you an adrenaline rush to the fullest.

Other activities you can indulge in are sandboarding, sand-skiing, stargazing, and overnight camping. You can try a quad biking (ATV ride) experience in the midst of the desert. You will enjoy all the experiences with the help of instructors or experts.

Desert safari in Dubai is divided mainly into three parts, Morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari. You can enjoy any of them according to your schedule.

Places to Enjoy Desert Safari in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

Morning desert safari is specially created for morning persons, who like to wake up early and enjoy sunrises. Now you can enjoy the sunrise in the Dubai desert with the Dubai desert safari.

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai starts with a cool morning and before the sun rises. Morning desert safari is a marvelous experience to enjoy the sunrise. The morning desert safari takes you into the midst of the desert to see the beautiful and golden endless desert. The whole desert safari experience completes in a 4X4 vehicle. You can also book desert activities like quad bikes, hot air balloons, wildlife, and camel rides which are available in the morning.

Duration: 3- Hours

  • 7- Hours
  • Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai with Quad Biking Experience

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Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safari for those who love the sunsets. Watching the view of the sunset behind the tall dunes is breathtaking. It is the best time to takes some snaps of the Dubai desert sunset. Evening desert safari and watching desert sunset is considered the must-thing to do in Dubai.

The tour guide will explain the desert ecology and places in the desert and will drop you back at the hotel or campsite. The desert safari in Dubai experience gives you the most amazing experience at the end of your evening. You can try an ATV ride (Quad biking) by yourself or a camel ride.

Duration: 3- Hours

  • 7- Hour
  • Dubai

Evening Desert Safari In Dubai With BBQ Dinner

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Overnight Desert Safari

Night desert safari is the most unique way to explore the Dubai desert. Conducted right in the midnight, night desert safari gives the option to enjoy the clear sky at night. Feel the butterflies in your stomach as the jeep goes up and down on the sand dunes.

You can do star gazing while riding on the dunes late into the night. During the overnight safari, you will be able to enjoy camping, campfire, belly dancing, cultural programs, and similar other activities. A night desert safari can be enjoyed with BBQ dinner and end with a delicious breakfast.

  • 7- Hour
  • Dubai

Evening Desert Safari In Dubai With BBQ Dinner

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Private Overnight Desert Safari

A private overnight desert safari is to book a private tour of the desert safari in Dubai. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a family trip or a friend's trip. You can book this private desert safari as you like.

Experiencing the private overnight desert safari will be a unique experience if you are on a family or friends trip. The private 4X4 vehicle will take you from the campsite and takes you to the most amazing experience of Dubai desert. Click photos of the beautiful desert and spend some time while gazing at the stars. Do not forget to carry a good camera and a water bottle.

  • 1 Nights
  • Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari

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Desert Safari with BBQ dinner

Desert safari is a very unique experience in its own way and if we add the desert safari with BBQ dinner, it becomes perfect. Desert safari with BBQ dinner is the best activity to do in the Dubai desert.

Start the desert safari in Dubai desert in the afternoon. Reach the camp and after around 30 minutes hop into the 4X4 vehicle and start exploring the desert. Explore the desert at its best and enjoy due bashing while your vehicle goes up to the dunes and comes down. Enjoy the sunset view and have a photo session.

After that, reach the campsite and enjoy cultural programs and a delicious barbeque dinner. Spend the rest of the evening with a lit bonfire and belly dance performances.

Duration: 5-8 Hours

  • 7- Hour
  • Dubai

Evening Desert Safari In Dubai With BBQ Dinner

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Watching the Dubai desert from the air is still the dream of many, but you can fulfill it with the hot air balloon ride in Dubai experience. The hot air balloon ride shows you the uninterrupted view of the sunrise or sunset and the beautiful Dubai desert. A hot air balloon ride is the only activity that gives you a bird’s eye view of the rustic Dubai desert.

The 60-minute long aerial safari accommodates approx 24 people with a professional pilot. The pilot operates the flight while you enjoy the mesmerizing views of Dubai. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the best moments of your Dubai trip. Once you land, you can enjoy the activities like dune bashing, quad biking, camel desert safari, and many others.

Duration: 4- Hours

  • 2 Days 1 Nights
  • Dubai

Cheap Dubai Tour Package with Burj Khalifa And Desert Safari

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Camel Safari in Dubai

Last but not least, Camel Safari in Dubai is the most common but amazing activity to do. The oldest mode of exploring any place, Camel safari in Dubai is one of the most loved activities.

Hop on the top of the camel and start your slow-paced and peaceful ride. Famous as the “ship of the desert”, as you sit on the back of a Camel, your bumpy ride starts. Enjoy an elevated view of the surroundings and enjoy the journey of the Dubai desert.

Duration: 4-6 Hours

Insider tips:
- Carry your jackets along with you as the temperature decreases as the sun sets.
- Do not forget to carry sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and hats, to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.
- Wear comfortable foot wares as the fine sand could get inside your shoes.
- Carry a water bottle along with you.

  • 7- Hours
  • Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai with Quad Biking Experience

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People Also Ask About Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai Desert is known as a huge playground for adventure enthusiasts. The Dubai desert is the ideal place where you can float in the sky, bash the dunes, or enjoy a camel ride.
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Sand Skiing
  • Camel Ride in Dubai
  • Sandboarding in Dubai
  • Quad biking in Dubai Desert
  • Traditional programs like Tanoura show
  • Belly dance with desert safari
  • Be a witness to the sunrise or sunset
  • Hot air balloon ride in Dubai
  • Stargazing
  • Dune Bashing
Wear comfortable clothing that is loose or a pair of jeans or track pants. Keep a scarf to cover your face, and the desert gets chilly at night, so carry a sweater or jacket.
With Desert Safari in Dubai, you will be going to enjoy a Camel ride, BBQ dinner, Taruna dance, Henna mehndi, Sheesha, Fire show, and Belly dance show.
If you want to enjoy Desert Safari in Dubai, it takes 2-3 hours. The overnight safari takes around 9-12 hours that includes programs and BBQ dinner with Desert Safari. 
The best time to visit the Dubai Desert is between November to March. You should book a morning or evening desert safari in Dubai.

List of the things you should carry on a Desert safari tour.

  • Shawl or a jacket
  • A water bottle
  • Copy of a passport or ID proof
  • Extra pair of cloths
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen lotion
  • Cap or Hat

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