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About Ski Dubai

The largest snow park in the Middle East, Ski Dubai is a must-visit place with family. The world-class indoor park is designed to entertain the especially the kids. Build in a total area of 22,500 sq. meter Ski Dubai has the capacity to store 6000 tons of snow. 

The snow park has various rides, slides and slopes, Chairlift rides, zipline, Tube slides, Giant ball running down, a 10 feet ramp for jumping, snowboarding, skiing, and many other interesting activities and rides. 

To add the cherry on the top, the park has plenty of snow penguins. Be the witness as penguins march to keep entertain their visitors. You can walk with the penguins and watch them play. 

Learn about the snow rides to brush up your skills at snow school. Learn about snowboard with the professionals at Ski School or go snowboarding with your friends. 

Satisfy your hunger at the in-house restaurants and Cafeterias. Buy a souvenir for your loved ones at the retail outlet.


Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE 

How to Reach Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates at Sheikh Zayed Road. The distance between Dubai airport and ski Dubai is approx. 26 km. The destination can be reached by bus, metro, and taxi. To reach Ski Dubai by metro, take a direct metro from airport terminal 3. The journey in the metro takes around 30 minutes.  

To reach Ski Dubai by bus, hop on the direct bus to Ski Dubai from Dubai airport. The journey from Dubai airport to Ski Dubai will take 40-45 minutes. 

To reach Ski Dubai in a hassle-free way, choose a private taxi or a cab. A private taxi takes around 20 minutes to drop at Ski Dubai.

Best Time to Visit Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai can be visited throughout the whole year. The park remains open for 7 days of the week. Weekends are the more crowded at the Ski Dubai. If you want to visit the park on less crowded days then try to visit the park on weekdays.

Tips to visit Ski Dubai

  • Ski Dubai manages the temperature of zero degrees all the time. If you can handle this zero degrees temperature then take entry to Ski Dubai.  
  • It is advised that pregnant women and people with heart problems should not enter Ski Dubai.  
  • Children aged 3-12 years can enter Ski Dubai with an adult.  
  • Carry a water bottle.  
  • Wear winter clothes and cover your hands at Ski Dubai.  
  • The park has a locker room in the welcome area, feel free to use the locker room.

Things to Do in Ski Dubai

Enjoy Snow bullet, a flying experience at 16 meters above the ground with the world's first indoor zip line.

Buckle up your ski boots and get ready to enjoy the slopes in the middle east.  

Meet the Snow penguins and watch them playing, click some photographs with the snow penguins. See penguin encounter as the penguins march together and left you with their charm.  

Enjoy thrilling snow park rides, zorb ball, snowboard lesson, slope session with the experts.  

Hop on the chairlift, and indulge in the most thrilling ride at Ski Dubai. Get an aerial view of Ski Dubai from the chairlift.  

Enjoy the mountain thriller, an exciting ride which carries you 150 meters at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

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People Also Ask About Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an indoor Snow Park with a winter setting. The Ski Dubai covers a 22,500 square meter area with 6000 tons of snow.
You can wear anything at Ski Dubai. Even though winter jackets, pants, disposal socks, snow boots, and helmets will be provided at Ski Dubai.

Children under the age of 3 years are not allowed in Ski Dubai.

Children from the age of 3 to 12 will be considered as a child ticket. 

Children above the age of 12 years will charge the same as adult price.

Ski Dubai maintains a temperature between -1 to 4 degrees Celsius all the time.
No, you can not take outside food and drinks inside Ski Dubai.
Yes, Ski Dubai is safe for kids. Even Ski Dubai has CCTV and other security measures to keep an eye on the kids.
Yes, you can see penguins at Ski Dubai. You can watch them playing, click some photographs with the snow penguins.

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