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About KidZania Dubai

Spread in approx. 7,000 square meters, KidZania is a scaled replica of a real city for kids. To impart real-life skills through fun-filled games, KidZania offers over 70 role-playing activities for children aged 2-16. At Kidzania, kids learn all about jobs and earning money in the real world while developing life skills which they can’t learn in classrooms. 

A paradise for kids, Kidzania is an indoor park, located on the second floor of the Dubai Mall. The theme park replicates the complete infrastructure of the real world like real estate, hospitals, transport and logistics, supermarkets, beauty salons, restaurants, Industries, entertainment houses, and Automobile shops. The complete infrastructure of the roads and buildings gives the touch of real-world trappings for children. 

The special tag and 50 KidZos cheques are given at the entrance of the park to each kid which he/she can deposit or encash at Al Hilal Bank to 50 KidZos, the official currency. Kids can spend this money to buy at the supermarket or at a beauty salon. Every kid can earn more money by opting for a job of their choice. The kids can choose over 70 role-playing jobs like dental, aviation, beautician, radio jockey, floor manager, camera person, doctor, builder, nurse, chef, or a teacher depending on their choice. A kid can participate in the 7-9 activities and can earn KidZos by taking up various activities. 

The child under 4 years can enjoy at Fun First Nursery under the unmatched care of experts. Adults whose kids’ height is over 120 cm can leave their kids in KidZania and can take a break in the Special Parents Lounge. 

Location of Kidzania Dubai

Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE

How to Reach KidZania Dubai

There are 3 options to choose from to reach Dubai Mall from Dubai Airport. 

By Bus-

The bus takes 32 minutes to drop you at the nearest bus stop of Dubai Mall. You need to board a bus from Deira City Centre to reach Dubai Mall. The whole journey takes around 30-40 minutes. 

By Car-

For a convenient and hassle-free journey, you can hire a private car or taxi. The journey to Dubai Mall from Dubai Airport in a car takes around 15-25 minutes. 

By Metro-

After every 15 minutes, a metro starts from Dubai airport terminal 3 to Burj Khalifa metro station. From Burj Khalifa metro station, you can easily walk to Dubai Mall. The whole journey takes around 20-30 minutes.

Best Time to Visit KidZania Dubai

The Dubai Mall opens at 10:00 in the morning and remains open till 12:00 AM. The best time to visit Dubai Mall is between November and March. 

Tips to visit KidZania Dubai

  • It would be better if you plan your visit to Kidzania on weekdays to avoid crowds on weekends. 
  • To avoid the hassle, arrive at least 30 minutes before and pre-book the Kidzania Dubai tickets to avoid waiting time at counters.  
  • Make sure that kids wear sports shoes.  
  • If the kid is under 120 cm then the parent/adult must accompany a child at Kidzania Dubai.  
  • Outside food is not allowed in Kidzania Dubai. You can carry a water bottle.  
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Kidzania Dubai. 

Things to Do in KidZania Dubai


Let the kid know-how is it feel to be on TV. The entertainment area of the Metropolitan Theatre hosts an Al Aan TV Studio for children, where they can host their own entertainment show or try different roles such as floor manager, camera person. 

Food & Beverages

At the food & beverage area, the kid wears an apron, hair net and prepares his own meal. From making healthy snacks to preparing pizza, the kid can cook whatever he/she wants. On the plus point, the children can take the uniform with themselves as a present from Kidzania. 

Kidzania Hospital

Every child wants to be a doctor and your child can become a doctor at Kidzania Dubai. With the lessons in anatomy, bed-side care, surgery, and the nursery room, the kid learns everything about being a doctor or nurse at Kidzania hospital. 

Kidzania Media House

At Kidzania media house the kid can host an interview or can enact the role of a cameraman, or editor. The kid will learn how to produce radio shows and report news at the media house.

Fly Dubai

Learn how a real Airport and Aircraft work while became a Pilot. Learn how to land a plane or enact as cabin crew on the Emirates Airlines check-in desks. 

Kidzania Fashion Boutique

At Kidzania fashion boutique, the kid can grow as a model or actor. The children perform a catwalk and modeling session while the parents can enjoy the shows in the audience. The kid can earn money through the show. 

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People Also Ask About KidZania Dubai

KidZania is a scaled replica of a city for kids, where they can learn real-life skills through fun-filled games. KidZania offers over 70 role-playing activities for children aged 2-16. To learn about jobs, earning and handling money in the real world while developing life skills.
Kidzos are the official currency of the KidZania. Kids earn Kidzos through their activities.
Kids from the age of 4- 16 yrs can visit KidZania with an adult.
No, adults can not enter KidZania alone.
KidZania offers 60 real world-professions for kids. To learn life-skills, kids can choose professions like Pilot, cabin crew, Production engineer, firefighter, banker, Baker, Driver, Doctor, Dentist, Salesman, Realtor, Manufacturer or Entrepreneur, etc.
Yes, lockers are available in the locker room at Kidzania Dubai.
No, adults can not enter the playing area. They can rest in the parent’s lounge and have access to the free internet, TV.

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