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About Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most famous places to visit when in Dubai. Known for its white-sandy beach stretches along the coastal area. Jumeirah Beach is famous for numerous luxury resorts and hotels facilitated with sea-view. Jumeirah Beach was named after the Jumeirah district as the beach originates from this district.

From American to Arabian food, the restaurants and stalls at Jumeirah Beach are known for their best cuisine. Beautiful Petrobras, rooftop escapes, nightclubs, and hookah lounges are must-try places at Jumeirah Beach.

Entry to Jumeirah Beach is free and starts from early morning till midnight. Sunbathing and playing volleyball is one of the relaxing things to do at Jumeirah Beach Dubai. Also, you can spend some relaxing time at the spa where professionals give you a great massage with several therapies. Counted amongst the top things to do, water sports at Jumeirah Beach are no one should miss. Offering the activities like Flyfish, Donut boat ride, Banana boat ride, Flyboard, Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Boat Tour, and Sun Lounge are some names.

Location- Jumeirah District, Dubai, UAE

Places to visit at Jumeirah Beach

Burj Al Arab

The most iconic building in Dubai, Burj Al Arab is holding the title of one of the top five super-luxury hotels in the world. Rather than a hotel, Burj Al Arab is a different world in itself. Standing tall at a height of 180 meters the hotel features an attractive fountain, lavish royal suits, a private helipad, and a private island. Sit along with your loved ones and enjoy the delicious continental breakfast. Tourists and visitors have access to enter the lobby, although you need to book a room to see the hotel from inside.

Wild Wadi Park

Located in front of the Burj Al Arab; Wild Wadi Water Park offers innovative rides for all age groups. The Wild Wadi Water Park offers over 30 rides like Jumeirah Sceirah, Master Blaster, Burj Surj, Tantrum Alley, Juha's Dhow, and Lagoon. The park has 5 different restaurants inside to fulfill your cravings.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is the most beautiful and excellent example of Islamic architecture in Dubai. The mosque has been built in shades of blue, off-white, cream, gold, and brown colors with beautiful Arabic calligraphy with the interiors in yellow and pale gold and the exterior is off-white. This is the only mosque that is open to non-Muslims in Dubai. You can enter the mosque after washing your face, feet, and hands. Photography is allowed inside of the mosque so don't forget your cameras.

Kite beach

Kite Beach is the tourist's favorite beach destination because of its clean sands, water sports, and relaxing ambiance. Kite beach has a 14 km track where you can jog, run, or just stroll around the beautiful beach. The beach has small food outlets and trucks serving some mouth-watering local delicacies and cuisines. You can try some dishes while strolling around the shoreline.

How to Reach Jumeirah Beach

The distance between Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Airport is 15 km. To reach with the convenience and hassle-free to Jumeirah Beach, there is no better option than a car. If you want to save some bucks then the Metro will be good to go. The journey in Metro will take around 40 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Jumeirah Beach

Since Dubai is a desert place; the ideal time to visit Dubai is the winter season. In summer the temperature goes very high and the weather gets pretty hot and humid. However, the winter season is advised. Jumeirah Beach is a loving place among all the places to visit in Dubai. It remains crowded all the time. It will be good if you visit the beach early in the morning. Afternoons are pretty hot so avoid visiting in the afternoon. Evenings are the best time to visit Jumeirah Beach.

Tips to visit Jumeirah Beach

  • Carry a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Also, carry your passport and photocopy of other essential documents all the time.
  • Dubai is an Islamic country and locals value their culture. Wearing decent clothes is advised, however on the beachside, you can wear a bikini but put something on when you visit beach bars or beach restaurants.
  • The minimum age to drink is 21and smoking is not allowed in public areas.

Things to Do in Jumeirah Beach

Scuba diving at Jumeirah Beach

Scuba diving is an underwater activity and becoming the most loved adventure activity in Dubai. Float with the waves and explore the underwater world in the Dubai Ocean. See the stunning marine species and ancient shipwrecks while you dive into the 12 meters under the sea.

Water Sports at Jumeirah Beach

To enjoy the thrilling water sports in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach is the ideal place. Whether you are an adult or a child, this place has every kind of ride for everyone. You can enjoy Fly-fish, Donut boat ride, Banana boat ride, Jet Skiing, Boat Tour, and Sun Lounge with kids. If you are a thrill-seeker then Water jet pack experience, Parasailing, Wakeboarding, Sea Breacher Ride, Scuba diving activities are for you!

Get a Spa

Lying under the sun at the white sandy beach and relaxing with a spa is a dream for everyone. Jumeirah Beach has several spa spots that offer the best experience with several therapies. A professional and experienced therapist will attend to you.

Try authentic food

The famous coastal and home of the luxurious area in Dubai, Jumeirah is the must-visit place to enjoy the best food in Dubai. Jumeirah Beach is the home of the best beach restaurants in Dubai and offers plenty of bars and pubs. From Middle Eastern food to Indian cuisine, from Japanese cuisine to Italian food, Jumeirah Beach has every kind of food a traveler needs.

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People Also Ask About Jumeirah Beach

Yes, Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is open to the public.
Jumeirah Beach remains open 24/7.
The best time to visit the beach is in the evening after 05.00 pm.
Yes, you can enjoy water sports at Jumeirah Beach Dubai.
No, there are no restrictions on the beach. But according to Dubai law, you need to cover knees and shoulders when you visit nearby restaurants and cafe.
Yes, you can hire sunbeds on the Jumeirah beach, but they are slightly expensive.

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