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About Dubai Museum

Known as the city of gold, Dubai is a great destination to understand the history and culture of the UAE. The museum is the key attraction of Dubai and a great destination for history enthusiasts. 

Known as the Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum is a paradise for history lovers. The main building of the museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort and considered the oldest existing building in Dubai. The building was built back in 1787 for political and residential purposes. Later in 1971, was renovated by Sheikh Rasheed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum as a museum for visitors and in 1995, another underground museum was built. 

The museum shows the history of the UAE through the trove of monuments, diagrams, documents, tombs, and other relics. 

Al Fahidi Fort is square-shaped with towers and was built of coral rock and mortar. The museum is divided into three halls, whether one hall is the ticket office and the other two are shows the collection of old weapons and arms from different historical periods. Traditional musical instruments are also shown here with the video of folkloric music. At the main gallery, old maps of Dubai are shown, next to the video room. The videos of Dubai that depict Dubai from before the discovery of oil in the 1960s are shown in the video room. 

The Bastakia Quarter and the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding are the two must-visit heritage sites near Dubai Museum.  

Location of Dubai Museum 

Al Fahidi Street, Ali Bin Abu Thalib Street, Bur Dubai, UAE

How to Reach Dubai Museum

The distance from Dubai airport to Dubai museum is 9 km and can be reached in 15 minutes. To reach the Dubai museum, one can choose a mode of public transport or private transport. 

For public transport, there is nothing better than the metro. You can take a metro to Burjuman Station from Airport terminal 3. After Burjuman Station, a connecting metro will take you to Al Fahidi station and from here Dubai museum is within 10 minutes walking distance. 

To reach the Dubai museum by private transport, a private taxi or car is the best option to choose. From Dubai airport, the taxi will take around 15 minutes and it will cost you around AED 55- AED 65. 

Best Time to Visit Dubai Museum

Dubai gets very hot in the summer season and to visit Dubai during the winter season is the best to choose. You can visit the Dubai Museum between November and March. These months are the coolest months in UAE and also the major festivals are held in Dubai in these months. 

Tips to visit Dubai Museum

  • Dubai is an Islamic country and maintaining a proper dress code is highly recommended in Dubai. While touring around the prominent places in Dubai, make sure to cover shoulders and knees. 
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol in public places is strictly prohibited. 
  • Carry a water bottle all the time to keep yourself hydrated.
  • For taking cameras in the Dubai museum, you need to take prior permission from the museum authority. Keep your phone on silent mode while visiting the Dubai Museum. 
  • Tourists are not allowed to touch anything at the museum. 

Things to Do in Dubai Museum

Meena bazaar 

Meena Bazaar is the ideal place in Dubai to buy some ethnic items, Indian and Pakistani designers, gold jewellery, perfumes, textile, purses, and other accessories. Who wants to explore the local culture of Dubai, Meena Bazaar is a great shopping destination for those. 

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding 

As its name shows the Sheikh Mohammed Centre is for learning about the culture of UAE and a must-visit place in Dubai for better cultural understanding. The place shows the cultural significance of the Arab world. 

Old Souk 

Located in Bur Dubai the Old Souk market is known as Textile Souk or Bur Dubai Souk. The market is famous for stores selling fabrics, souvenirs, shoes, footwear, etc. The Old Souk market is located in the heart of Dubai and Indian traders have settled and built a flourishing textile business here. Buy some souvenirs here and explore the best market in Dubai. 

Perfume Souk

Dubai is a famous place for perfumes and if you’re looking to buy some exclusive perfumes then perfume souk is worth visiting. Exotic aromas coming from different directions increase the charm of this market. Buy some personalized fragrances for yourself and your loved ones. 

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People Also Ask About Dubai Museum

Yes, Dubai Museum is the oldest building in Dubai, which was built in 1787.
Yes, Dubai Museum is a part of Al Fahidi Fort. The Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1787.
No, taking pictures is allowed inside the Dubai Museum.
No, you can not carry food and beverages inside the Dubai Museum.
Yes, there is a guide available for the Dubai Museum tour. The Guide will give you information about the heritage culture and the museum.

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