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About Dubai Dolphinarium

Have you ever thought about spending some rejuvenating time with the dolphins? If you seek to spend some time with the dolphins then Dubai Dolphinarium is the place to visit. 

Dubai Dolphinarium is located in Dubai Creek, the place is a perfect blend of a mixture of thrill and fun. Being one of the must-visit places in Dubai, Dubai Dolphinarium offers you the most unique experience. 

The dolphins and seals are perfectly trained and perform the water stunts. Watch the dolphins dancing, juggling, painting, jumping through hoops, and seal playing with balls. Indulge in the show and performance and capture the beautiful moments in the photographs.  

The cherry on the top is that the Dubai Dolphinarium offers you to swim with Dolphins under special observation. Also, a bird show- Creek park bird show is held every day where you can interact with the aerial species.  

Location of Dubai Dolphinarium 

Riyadh Street, Inside the Creek Park Gate 1, Dubai, UAE

How to Reach Dubai Dolphinarium

The best way to reach Dubai Dolphinarium from Dubai airport is by taxi. It takes around 15 minutes to drop you at the destination. 

If you want to travel on the public transport of Dubai then the metro is the most convenient way. Hop into the metro to Burjuman from airport terminal 3. Once you reach Burjuman, take a Green train to drop you at Dubai Health Care City. From Dubai Health Care City, walk to the Dubai Dolphinarium. The journey from Dubai airport to Dubai Dolphinarium in a metro will take around 30-45 minutes. 

Best Time to Visit Dubai Dolphinarium

The best time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium is in the winter season. 

Tips to visit Dubai Dolphinarium

  • If you are thinking about swimming with dolphins then carry an extra pair of clothes. 
  • It is advised that before visiting Dubai Dolphinarium, first, go through the instructions on the official website of Dubai Dolphinarium. 
  • Do not harm dolphins or birds.

Things to Do in Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show 

Watch the mammals performing live and showcasing their skills and incredible stunts. The dolphins and seals dance, play ball, sing, juggle, jump through hoops, and even paint! 

Creek Park Bird Show 

Dubai’s first and only bird show which shows the exotic birds in the Middle East- Creek Park Bird Show! Get ready to meet the green-winged macaws, hornbill, sun conures, Amazon parrots, blue & gold macaws, cockatoos, toucans, falcons, and Eclectus parrots at the Creek Park Bird Show.  

Dolphin Planet 

Enjoy swimming with the incredible dolphins at Dolphin planet. Get a belly ride as well as being able to hug, and kiss the dolphins. Capture the best moments at the Dubai Dolphinarium with dolphins.   


Photoshop at Dubai Dolphinarium allows you to capture special moments with professional photographers. Whether you’re enjoying with the dolphins, and seals or visiting an exotic bird show, you just need to pose and the professional photographer will click your moments.  

Virtual Reality Experience 

Enjoy the magical world of 3-D and 7-D cinemas. You can choose an interactive movie you want to watch from a variety of movies. 

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People Also Ask About Dubai Dolphinarium

  • Watch the sea creatures performing a dance, painting, and doing other activities. 
  • Interact with Dolphins and seals.
  • Watch the different exotic birds.
  • Swim with Dolphins.
Seats should be reserved for first come, first serve at Dolphinarium in Dubai. For the VIP seats, you should pre-book your Dubai Dolphinarium ticket.
No, you are not allowed to take photographs inside the Dubai Dolphinarium. However, the Dubai Dolphinarium has many professional photographers to click your pictures with Dolphins, seals, and birds.
No, you are not allowed to carry food or drinks inside the Dolphinarium in Dubai. There is an exotic restaurant that serves snacks and beverages.

There are three age criteria for the Dubai Dolphinarium ticket. 

  • The infant under the age of 2 years can enter the Dubai Dolphinarium free of cost with an adult.
  • Children from the age of 2 to 11 years can enter the Dubai Dolphinarium with a child ticket.
  • Children from the age above 11 years can enter the Dubai Dolphinarium with an adult ticket.

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