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Dubai is, stunning emirates with a number of splendid sights and destinations. This is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This is the second largest emirate in UAE which makes it more interesting. Further, the attraction that Dubai tour packages offer to its tourists is unmatchable. The best thing about Dubai is it blesses your senses with some futuristic marvels that would take you to different time zone. From amusement parks to museums of the future allow your mind and body to receive an experience that is memorable for a lifetime. 

Apart from sights and places, Dubai tours also offers extraordinary food and cuisines that are inspired by a melting pot of culture. But without the right kind of information and guidance, exploring Dubai could be a tiring task. So, here we are filling you with tons of information that cloud help you while you plan your Dubai tour packages. 

The Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai is a tropical country that is covered with desert. During the summer it scorches as the temperature rises to 40-50 degrees. You can visit this emirate during summer for a luxury holiday and to take a rest in its lavish hotels. However, during summertime, you won’t be able to enjoy any attractions or activities as most of the activities would be out of service. Still, you can visit various places like Dubai Marina, cruise dinner, Dubai fountain shows, and Burj Khalifa. Further, summertime will make your Dubai tour packages price cheap compared to winter. 

During winter, you can enjoy the beauty of Dubai in a very better way. In winter, the temperature lies between 20-25 degrees which makes it fit for traveling. Also, various activities like desert safari and amusement parks could be visited in winter. But stay and accommodation would be expensive during the winters as it is peak time for traveling. Also, winters made your Dubai vacation tours expensive compared to summers. So picking the best time to visit Dubai depends on the purpose for which you are visiting Dubai as well as your budget. 

Honeymoon in Dubai

Splendid locations and spectacular sights of Dubai give the vibe of romance to couples. There are various activities and attractions that can be visited by couples to receive a pleasant experience. There are a plethora of choices to visit during the tour packages of Dubai if you are on a honeymoon:  

Spa date

A spa date in Dubai gives you a number of happy moments that you won’t be able to forget forever. These spa center would leave magic on your body and relaxes your soul. Further, the luxury interior along with the soothing massage would make you feel like in heaven. Also, receiving it with your partner made it more worthwhile. 

Dubai mall

What can be more romantic than making your lady shop in one of the world’s largest and best malls? Dubai Mall is the center of various attractions and activities. Apart from shopping for luxury items, you can also enjoy a set of activities like ice skating and a gaming zone. You can also watch the movie here as it is home to a very luxurious cinema hall. Further, music and fashion shows made it a top attraction for Dubai vacation tours for couples. 

Dubai miracle garden 

Flowers always symbolize the love between partners. To express your love and care, visiting Dubai's miracle garden is a must. During the winters, Miracle Garden has over 150 million flower varieties. Various structures like airplanes, pyramids, igloos, stars, and hearts. Along with treating your eyes with beautiful blossoms, you can give treat your mouth with some delicious food and snacks. 

Dubai fountain 

With a stretch of 14,000 sqft, this is one of the most pleasing yet exotic attractions of Dubai. Water jets with colorful lights throw the water in the sky that appears like a picture on the canvas. This is a 30-minute activity that allows you to make your honeymoon exciting and fascinating. 

Jumeirah Beach

From solo travelers to honeymoon packers, no Dubai tour could be complete without the Jumeirah Beach. Its white sandy beaches made it ideal for honeymoon couples. Its hotels and restaurants which are located on the coastline of the beach made it spectacular. The waves of the beach and the white sand made it cozy for the couples. 

How to Reach Dubai

By air

Dubai is an international tourist hotspot and its airport is well connected with other major cities and countries. Dubai international airport is always crowded with tourists. You can visit Dubai from any country in the world with Emirates Airline. 

By train 

If you are visiting Dubai from any other UAE, then you can take a train that runs between Dubai and other emirates. But Dubai has no train network with other countries. To travel to Dubai by train, you have to book flight tickets to Abu Dhabi and then take a train to Dubai.

By road 

In order to enter Dubai by road, you have to take a journey through Oman. 

Places to Visit in Dubai

Renowned as the world’s most luxurious city of the world, Dubai holds tons of places that allow you to witness some incredible wonders. This city is known for its luxury and lavishness-filled places. There are plenty of places and sights that are spread across Dubai. Here you can witness majestic fountain shows and various theme parks along with Burj Khalifa. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure

A grand indoor park nested at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road welcomes various visitors every day. With hundreds of activities, this is one of the most fun places to enjoy during Dubai vacation tours. Here you can enjoy rides, food, and movies. You can enjoy this place with your friends, family, and kids. 

Aquaventure Waterpark 

Stretch over a massive area, Aquaventure Waterpark is really fun with more than 100 rides and attractions. A few thrilling and famous rides include Leap of Faith, The Surge Ride, the Aquaconda, and the Shark Attack Slide. This Aquaventure Waterpark also hosts various luxury-filled restaurants. 

Burj Al Arab

This magnificent Burj Al Arab hotel is located nearby Palm Beach. This is an iconic hotel in Dubai that is famous for its architectural appearance and luxe. 

Dubai museum 

This museum is nested at the Al Fahidi Fort. this is one of the most visited places in Dubai. At this place, you can explore the rich heritage and history of the region. People who love to study the background and cultural history of places should visit this place at once. It was founded in 1971 by the ruler of Dubai. 

Dubai creek

It is salt water that separates the Deira and Bur Dubai and serves as a major commercial line for the city. During the evenings, this place looks wonderful with its light shows and music. Here you can enjoy Abra boat riding, city tours, water taxis, and dinner cruises. This place made your nightlife memorable forever. 

Foods to Eat in Dubai

No vacation tour is complete without embracing the regional and cultural food of the destination. When you are on Dubai vacation tours, do not miss these delicious cuisines.


It falls into the category of one of the most famous cuisines of Dubai. Many lavish cafes and restaurants host this dish while you can witness this dish at the dinner table during weddings, banquets, and occasions. This dish is prepared with wheat and minced meat. This also includes onions, cumin, water, and salt. To enjoy the authentic taste of Dubai, make Harees top on the list. 


One of the most famous dishes of Dubai is majboos which is passed from generation to generation. This dish includes basmati rice and meat. In Emirati culture, majboos are served with chicken. Various flavors and Arabian spices with a mix of vegetables give it an incredible taste. This is a very common dish that you will find almost everywhere in Dubai. 


This dish also has its value in Dubai and Oman. you can taste the serving of fish, lamb, and grains. However, served with chicken is the best combination to eat this dish. Further, this dish includes the onion, tomatoes, and garlic. Do not forget to book Dubai tour packages that include this dish on your list. This desi derives its name from the meaning beaten as all the ingredients are beaten to create a smooth mash. Madrouda is an ideal dish for everyone. 


A dish popular within the entire Gulf region has an important role in Emirati culture. As fish has a special role in Emirati culture and this dish features various dinners and meals. In this dish, fish is eaten with rice and butter. Fish gets cooked with spices and herbs in order to peel off the skin. Then fish was mixed with onion, garlic, and ginger. You can choose any other cuisine to serve with it. 


Typical Gulf cuisine finds its home in Dubai. Made with bread and vegetable soaked in meat, this dish is served on special occasions. This is rich in protein and vitamins as a vegetable has a major portion. Also, it has many health benefits. 

Things to Do in Dubai

Want to create a bucket list for yourself for Dubai tours but unable to what to put or what to not? Well, here are multiple options when it comes to thighs to do in Dubai which majorly include: 

Observational deck and scene of Dubai

With the majestic marvel of Dubai- Burj Khalifa, one of the most adventurous activities to do is an observational deck of Burj Khalifa. From here you can witness a dramatic view of the city and feel the augmented reality with a walking glass floor. It cracks with your steps and gets repaired.

Desert safari 

No Dubai tours is complete without the desert safari. The massive stretch of the desert area allows you to explore thrill and adventure when you dash into 4*4 vehicles on the sand dunes. You can enjoy Emirati culture with traditional style dancing, photography, and drinks.  

Explore Dubai history 

Exploring Dubai Museum is one of the most exciting and unique things to do in Dubai that allow you to know the past of Dubai. Here, you will be amused by amazing artifacts and cultural ruins. It blesses you with the knowledge of Arabic heritage and a sense of what old Dubai feels like. You can witness galleries, souks, and mosques that represent ancient Dubai and its culture. Further, you get to admire the fascinating art of Dubai. 

Bird watching 

If are you a nature lover then welcome to Dubai tours. Here you can explore thousands of birds a few meters away from the city. To witness these birds with your own eyes head to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. This is immensely popular for birdwatching as the wetland reserved of Dubai hosts migratory birds. The peaceful aura and wonder of mother nature will be captivating for visitors. Pink Flamingo is what makes it more attractive. 


Another fun and thrilling activity that every visitor should try in Dubai is Sky diving. This is a lifetime experience where you will jump from a height of 13000 feet. This is an unmatchable experience that you cannot afford to miss. Also, the breathtaking view you will get here is mesmerizing and enhance your love of the sky. 

Ski Dubai

Can you imagine enjoying the magic of snow in Dubai, a land of desert?  Then Dubai offers you to enjoy skiing in UAE’s first indoor ski resort. Here you will get a mountain-based snow resort where people can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. You can also play and meet Penguins. 

Best Restaurants in Dubai

Luxury dining is what makes tour packages of Dubai more attractive. It gives an aesthetic vibe and culinary experience in one place with a boasting view of the sea and city. We are  here to make a list of the best places to eat in Dubai:


A Dubai restaurant that hosts various quality dishes, world-class services, and a buzzing aura. This Japanese restaurant is the best place to enjoy a fun night. You can also take the vibe of the bar with lavish drinks. You can have lunch and dinner here with its lavish sitting. 

Siraj restaurants 

If you want to enjoy Arabian-style food with a lavish interior then this place is just for you. Its vibrant aura with handicrafts and carpets would make you relax and refreshed after a tiring tour of the market. Here you can also enjoy authentic Emirati dishes with a touch of modern taste. Their menu is filled with an array of dishes like lobster kibbeh, arayes lamb, and mouhalabiya. 

Arabian tea house 

Want to escape from the hectic life or want to take a rest from a tiring Dubai vacation tour? Arabian tea house would allow you to enjoy a peaceful ambiance with a rooftop dining area, plants, and flowers. Breakfast trays are majorly famous in this place with a choice of Emirati-based platters or Egyptian platters. 

Logma restaurants 

Logma restaurant is a place where you can change the taste of your mouth with a rare combination of Gulf and Emirati cuisines. For breakfast, you can enjoy the dishes like chebab and khameer. Other dishes like chicken biryani and lamb machbous are also available with an authentic taste of Dubai. 


To enjoy the art of cooking live, you must give a visit to the Zaroob. This place serves Lebanese and Arabic food in a bright and vibrant setting. Also, the presentation of dishes is alluring. Also, you can visit this place 24*7 to satisfy your carvings. Further, it is situated at the Jumeirah Tower. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To enjoy Dubai vacation tours with family, nothing is better than amusement parks in Dubai. It will allow you to feel thrilled and adventurous with fun rides and food. A few of the very popular theme park of Dubai is IMG Worlds of Adventure, Carnaval, Motiongate Dubai, and AquaFun water parks. 

The best time to enjoy Dubai tours is from November to March if you are looking for fun-filled vacations. During the weather, Dubai is pleasant and suitable for every kind of activity and ride. As Dubai is desert land, summers face high temperatures that made tours uncomfy. 

To apply for the visa, you just need to fill out the application form and details to an online visa or traveling agency.  If you are having a long Dubai vacation tour then you must require a visa for 14 or 30 days which required a passport with a validity of 6 months. After applying for travel visas, it would take around 3-4 working days to issue the visa. 

The range of Dubai tour package prices depends on various factors like age, nationality, purpose, and type of tour. For instance, different types of visas have different fees which influence the cost of a trip. Further, what kind of hotels you are choosing for accommodations also affects the price of the Dubai trip. 

To make the Dubai vacation packages cheap, the best time to visit Dubai is from April to October. During the summer, activities, and accommodation get available at cheap rates and making the Dubai vacation cheap compared to winter. 

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to shopping in Dubai. This list includes Wafi Malls, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Mall, Burjuman Centre, Mall of the Emirates, and Deira City Centre. Here, you will get tons of premium brands of fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle products. Dubai is a real paradise when it comes to shopping; people love to book Dubai tour packages to shop for luxe-filled products.

There are multiple options when it comes to food eateries in Dubai. Here you can enjoy types of foods and cuisines from Mexico to authentic Emirati dishes. With tour packages of Dubai, you can visit places like Siraj Restaurant, Al Ustad Special Kabab, Bu Qtair, Logma Restaurant, Al Mallah Cafeteria, and Al Fanar Restaurant and Café. 

With captivating and splendid destinations like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Miracle Garden, and Dubai Fountain, couples could get a vibe that romanticizes the relationship. Further, there are other places where partners could spend time isolated on their Dubai tours. 

With endless options, couples can choose various romantic things to do on Dubai tour packages like a helicopter ride, romantic dates on a yacht and cruise, a hot air balloon ride, a spa date, fun rides at the waterpark, and a walk on the beach with hands in hand. 

Dubai is real beauty in the evening. It has various places to visit at night that make entire Dubai tour packages more memorable and mesmerizing. These places are desert safari, Dubai fountain shows, Dubai aquarium, shopping malls, Gold Souks, 360 Lounge, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Billionaire Mansion, and many more. 

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